The Kiasu Singaporean’s Guide to Hiring a maids service

Keep going refreshed on April 1, 2019

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Contracting Foreign Domestic Workers (for example FDWs, and casually otherwise called house keepers or household partners) isn’t an unprecedented practice in Singapore, however it is no simple accomplishment. A business has a not insignificant rundown of things to mull over before they can utilize a FDW, and huge amounts of rules to trail.

While every one of these conditions can make contracting a FDW appear to be an overwhelming errand, worry not! This is a guide that rundowns out all you have to know previously and during the work of a FDW’s administrations:

Picking a maids service

Applying for a Work Permit for Your FDW

Sending Your FDW for the Settling-In Program

Your FDW’s Employment Conditions

Your FDW’s Employment Fees

Your FDW’s Security Bond

Work Rules for FDWs

Treatment of FDWs

Suspending of Employers

Other Employer Concerns

Picking a maids service

The initial step to procuring a FDW is simple – moving toward a trustworthy organization.

You should check that the maids service is authorized by Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The FDWs you for the most part observe sitting by their front work area are not for business, yet rather for promotion. The organization will evaluate your needs (for example, a wheelchair-bound old at home) and select a FDW to oblige those necessities.

Moreover, you should go to an Employer Orientation Program preceding contracting a FDW.

Applying for a Work Permit for Your FDW

Most house keeper organizations will do this for your sake before you enlist a servant. Be that as it may, for a situation where they don’t do as such, it is conceivable to apply for a work license for your house cleaner without anyone else, either on the web or at a physical SingPost outlet. The full application technique can be found on MOM’s site.

In spite of the fact that this progression may appear to be straightforward, it isn’t to be neglected as procuring a FDW without a legitimate Work Permit is illicit. Managers can be punished with a fine somewhere in the range of S$5,000 and $30,000 as well as detainment of as long as 1 year. In the event that the business submits this offense more than once, detainment will be obligatory.

Sending Your FDW for the Settling-In Program

On the off chance that your FDW is coming to Singapore to work just because, you should send her for the 1-day Settling-In Program (SIP) when she touches base in Singapore. She should go to it inside 3 days of her landing in Singapore (barring Sundays and open occasions). To guarantee that she can verify a preparation opening, you are encouraged to enroll her for the program before she lands in Singapore.

You should bear the expenses of sending your FDW to the SIP, which adds up to S$75. The SIP will be led in her local language, and she might most likely begin work after she has gone to it.

Your FDW’s Employment Conditions

FDWs are not secured by Singapore’s Employment Act. They are, in any case, represented by the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, which is authorized by MOM.

Work contract

The FDW’s expressions of administration are set out in her work contract. The terms and states of this agreement must be commonly settled upon by you and your FDW.

While the office can be approached to draft the business contract for your sake, guarantee that the accompanying terms are secured:


Situation advance

Number of rest days out of each month

Remuneration in lieu of rest day

Pink slip period (can be deferred by shared assent)

Remuneration in lieu of pink slip

Early end is permitted to keep up adaptability for both the business and the FDW. Either gathering can fire the agreement by giving the notice time frame settled upon in the business contract. On the off chance that the notice period can’t be given, the gathering firing the work should pay in lieu of notice.

Security understanding

As the business, you should consent to conform to the sheltered work practices stipulated by MOM. What’s more, if the FDW you are going to contract is another house keeper or an exchange servant, the business will organize you and her to consent to a wellbeing arrangement.

New house cleaners are the individuals who come into Singapore from abroad, and are working here just because. Move house cleaners are the individuals who are as of now working in Singapore, yet wish to work for another family. In the event that you are recharging your current house cleaner’s agreement, it won’t be important for you to consent to a security arrangement.

The motivation behind this wellbeing understanding is to guarantee that the two gatherings comprehend the limitations set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) on the cleaning of the outside of windows. These limitations were set up so as to keep house cleaners from unintentionally dropping out of the window while cleaning.

The wellbeing understanding itself:

Records limitations on cleaning windows;

States that your necessities for cleaning windows must consent to MOM’s guidelines; and

Incorporates your house keeper’s affirmation of your prerequisites on window cleaning.

The security understanding will be marked by you, the house keeper, and the work office; and every one of the three gatherings are required to keep one duplicate each. To guarantee that the house cleaner completely comprehends the understanding, the duplicate of the security understanding that she signs will be in her local language.

Your FDW’s Employment Fees

As one would expect, employing a local aide isn’t modest. Some may not know about the things that a business must compensation for separated from the installment of her pay, for example, a toll expense.

House keeper demand

What amount is the house keeper demand in Singapore?

A business is required to pay the house cleaner toll forced by the MOM which is S$300 every month. House cleaner demand installments are to be made online by means of General Interbank Recurring Order (GIRO), which can be connected for by structure once your FDW’s application for a Work Permit has been affirmed.

Toll concessions can be allowed for bosses living with families that incorporate kids, old, or the handicapped. For more data on duty installments and concessions, click here.

Are there punishments for neglecting to pay the house keeper demand?

Should you neglect to pay the full demand on schedule, you may confront the accompanying punishments:

Late installment punishment of 2% every month or $20, whichever is higher;

Repudiation of your FDW’s Work Permit;

A restriction from applying for or issuing another Work Permit;

A restriction from restoring a current Work Permit; or

Legitimate activity to recoup the unpaid toll.